Advice wanted Anyone a car mechanic? - Electricals???

    My picasso had a tow bar fitted and they didnt bypass a circuit or something.... It has now fused and blown my computer (is it a dsi relay????)

    Dont know what to do for best now - garage say i need to take to main delaer - but last year when i rang main dealer for a service they quoted me around £400 - so im sure this is going to cost me a lot more....

    Just dont have a clue how much this is going to cost me... they say the part alone (computer - needs to be sent off for reprogramming) is at least £350.

    Anyone with any ideas?


    Who fitted the tow bar?, If they didn't fit it properly then surely they're at fault?

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    I know - but its over 12 months ago and I cannot find a receipt etc.... (It was a tow bar fitting company too....)

    Its because the wire from tow bar rubbed on exhaust and burn rubber away down to wires and this has caused it to fuse... and they didnt bypass this relay and its blown it....

    PM sent

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    Cheers mate...
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