advice wanted: choosing HDD + media player enclosure..

    I've had enough with burning DVDs..!!

    Im thinking of getting a media player but would want to assemble mysel so i can get max value (minimum £ per per GB).

    Would anyone please suggest any decent enclosure and HDD?

    I've done some reserach and im thinking of getting the following:
    HDD: 750GB Samsung Spin point (…_11?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1215290569&sr=1-11)
    I choose amazon cos i have £15 voucher already.

    Sumvision titan fro ebuyer for £32.99…311

    any advice would be appreciated

    thanks in advance


    If your after a cheap option I brought a media case from DX & there's a nice 160gb 7200rpm harddrive on ebay at the moment for £22 with free post. Item: 160256797839
    I was going to build one up for my sister so have been trying to look at aother cheap setup
    The whole setup would cost just over 40 squid which isnt bad for a decent size media player.
    Here's a link to the DX website incase you dont know

    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    thanks St.George

    im actually looking for around 500gb, 750 if possible
    cos i think @ the moment, 500gb HDD gives you lowest £ per GB
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