Advice Wanted For a New TV. 40" £400 max.

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Found 21st Sep 2016

It's been ages since I've bothered to look at TVs, and was just wondering if anyone had any decent advice to hand out. I used to sell TVs years ago, but stopped around the time ITV digital went up it.

Now I'm looking to replace my old tube TV. We tried to replace it a few years ago with 28"/30" sets, but returned every one due to the awful speakers.

I've been looking at the Sony Bravia in John Lewis for £380.


Sony Bravia 40WD653BU LED HD 1080p Smart TV, 40" with Freeview HD. Comes with Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, iplayer.

We don't want anything more than 40", as we won't be able to tuck it away a bit and the budget is £400 at most, we don't use it enough to bother paying more. Plus we have a nipper so who knows what abuse it might suffer.

Also, whilst I'm here, can anyone recommend a small, decent and cheap DVD player?

Thanks in advance!


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You will get one alot less than that I got a 43 inch for 500 6 years ago

richer sounds.same price 6 year guarantee

richer sounds.same price but with a 6 year guarantee

Don't expect great sound. Buy one for £300 and get a sound bar. As for the dvd player, I hope you mean a blu-ray player. X)
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