Advice wanted for wiring up a new smart switch

Posted 13th Dec 2019Edited by:"fablanta"
I decided I wanted a smart switch for my living room light. All that I knew was that it should not have a neutral. but now that I have it I am puzzled as to how to wire it up.

The old switch has all red wiring going to terminals Common, L1 and L2. Unfortunately the switch I found only has terminals for L and L2.

I thought before I bought that the connections would be standard but obviously not. I'm kind of guessing that the Common wire goes in the L on the new switch. With mains voltages it would be stupid to guess so I thought I would come on here to ask. Am I right about L = Common? And what do I do with the two L1 and L2 wires?

3363039.jpgOld Switch

3363039.jpgNew Switch

3363039-xZkEo.jpgThe second light switch

The room has two light switches but I'm not really bothered about keeping the functionality of the other switch as I can use voice control with a smart switch installed.

(Don't worry the lights are off at the fuse box.)
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