advice wanted: playstation3

    hi all,
    i want to buy a PS3 just to play call of duty 4 online. (not interested in an xbox). hence was looking to purchase one on a good deal. does not have to be a brand new one and one that i can sell of easily after play. what do you guys suggest - should i look on ebay, cex, here or buy a new one? any good deals out there.


    Get an xbox360, much better than the original xbox

    Buy a new one so you're covered by warranty. There was a good deal a few days ago for a PS3 with Infamous and a blu-ray movie for £260ish.

    CoD 4 is gash get WaW its 10 times better…ava

    I have both here matey, top class condition

    Will do you both for £258 delivered!


    CoD 4 is gash get WaW its 10 times better

    Funny someone told me the exact opposite the other day :giggle:

    OP, are you sure you want to splash nearly £300 for just one game? Sounds a bit insane to me, if you have a PC or Mac you can just buy the game and play online, system requirements aren't too bad:…y_4 (table on the right hand side) :thumbsup:


    CoD 4 is gash get WaW its 10 times better

    Other way round imo, Cod 4 is much much better.

    Why not just get it for the PC?

    Original Poster

    Snare;5445017 … have both here matey, top class conditionWill do you both for £258 delivered!

    hi Snare,
    I am interested in your ps3, however what is the condition of the console and how long have you had it for. also do you have a reciept for it. did you buy it brand new or second hand?

    Original Poster

    hi Snare,
    just found out sony only does 12 months warranty.
    OK then i am interested to purchase.
    I will offer £245. payment via paypal.

    How does £255 delivered sound mate?
    still have it mate
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