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ADVICE: What happens if someone gets caught without a license and insurance?

Posted 23rd Oct 2012
A friend of a friend has been caught with out a driving license and insurance. I have only caught a little bit of the story, but she has been fined some money, but is that it?

Just curious,

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Points on licence (provisional) and possible future ban would be my guess.
A friend of a friend eh? X)

Well she will get banned also although she hasn't a license ,

tell her (_;) (_;)
hopefully a a stint at sea sewing mail bags
I hope you mean that she was caught without a license in hand and no insurance documents in the car.

Otherwise a visit to Eastwood Park or Holloway beckons
The judge will **** you over good & proper.
She should be beaten.
They seemed to be catching folk without insurance etc at my local tesco today.

They seemed to be catching folk without insurance etc at my local tesco … They seemed to be catching folk without insurance etc at my local tesco today.

Plenty of cars getting stopped/checked in S London today
I think on top of the fine she will get points on would be license

Plenty of cars getting stopped/checked in S London today

Yes, South London is where I am. I am not sure what the punishment would be. I wouldn't think it would be prison but just guessing.
she hasn't got a licence its usually the case she won't have insurance either. Generally driving without passing the test carries a penalty of three to six points on your licence, when you do go and get it. You can also be banned from driving, so they're stopping your from being able to sit your test. That's more if you get done for bad driving/speeding. A fine of up to £5,000 is also possible because you'd go to a magistrates court and that the top whack they can give.

The major problem with driving without a licence is that you cannot get insurance, so if you do get pulled over the car can be seized, you can face up to £5,000 fine. You can also get 6-8 points, and/or be automatically disqualified. If your lucky enough for them to give you a fixed penalty fine its £600 and six points on your licence.

pinched from yahoo answers
Do the crime, do the time (_;)
If you watch the TV programs about this, they take the car away, there & then, at least 6 points on the license. + fine.

To get the car back, you or the vehicle owner has to show, up to date insurance documents, & pay a storage fee for every day it is not collected. If you don't want the car back, they will scrap it.

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Driving with no insurance is a criminal offence, on top of driving with no licence she faces a instant ban and a hefty fine at the least. She could also face a prison sentence, it's up to the judges discretion.
6 points for no insurance, and a fine of about £200. As for no license, probably a ban...
Licence endorsed when y̶o̶u̶ she finally applies for one, fine and any future insurance will cost the earth.
@punkstoner1, have a day off
She will go to prison, the family will be upset, they will start riots, many people will die, other countries will poke in their noses, a war will broke out, then it will be end of the world.
Was this by any chance in Manchester where "your friend" got caught?
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the car will be confiscated and sold, the money to go to the public purse. and there will be a prison sentence.
some people spending way too much time watching Road Wars
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I hope that not only do they get a fine, points, and a ban they get a big kick in the crutch as drivers like this adds to my ever increasing insurance costs despite myself have a clean sheet and full no claims.
If it’s your first or second time then you won’t go to prison the only thing is you will get 6point and a fine but if u been ban and they caught you then get ready for Jail mate
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