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    I had to return a Hard drive to scan because it had failed. when the hard drive reached scan it had been totally destroyed in transit. Scan are now telling me that there will no refund or replacement item which im not best pleased (understatement of the year). The courier was City Link


    ok you must take this up with city lnk as they are this is the dlivery company, dont let them off

    your item should be covered under the couriers insurance

    City link website quote : Transit Liability up to £15,000 per consignment (subject to Trading Conditions).

    Contact city link on 08700 007007

    There you go ^^^ nice one BECKBYOO "always doing the do" lol

    Did they sign the EPOD as unchecked? If not, it is their problem not yours. By them signing for the item they are acknowledging it has arrived in a good condition. If it was so badly damaged it would have been obvious to them.

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    Just hope you packed in the packaging in which it was delivered to you..usually a box with foam inserts that hold the drive securely in place fortransit.

    Lets hope you can resolve this and get a replacement from Scan..I find it difficult to believe that a drive packed correctly would show structural damage..even if the box had been thrown about.

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    I just contacted city link and they said that its scan that i need to get in contact with. the guy told me they have no contract with me and that there is nothing they can do. scan have also told me that the any claim has been rejected. im not letting this lie. what is my best course of action?

    its the delivery guys fault matey, the company Scan only use them to deliver so it def isnt with them,

    get on the blower again to cituy link and ask to speak to the organ grinder not the monkey.

    It's up to whoever paid for Sh1tty link to contact them about the damaged goods. I find mentioning the fact that you've spoken to your local trading standards officer makes them move MUCH faster.

    Incidentally give your local TSO a call. They're very helpful and always keen to give businesses a rollocking.

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    isnt it amazing what a few phone calls can do. threatening someone with legal action usually sorts it out and it did in this case. i told the guy to expect a solictors letter and within 5 minutes scan had rang me back and said that the replacement hard drive was being dispatched this afternoon :thumbsup: nice start to the weekend:)

    Power to the people indeed. I wonder how much trickery businesses used to get away with before we all started airing our views and picking up tips on forums thanks to the internet

    wahey great news matey

    well done mickyc1...scan were obviously trying it on.
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