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Found 22nd Apr
Hi all,

Was just after some consumer advice in regards to Game. To cut a long story short I went into the store this afternoon to but a PS4 pro. Was a white destiny bundle. Anyway, get home and open it up and shocked to find no power cable, marks on the console, significant dust in the vents and scungy controller. Essentially they have packed up a used console and sold it to me as brand new. I definitely didn't ask for pre-owned. it was also sold as new on the receipt.

Question I want to ask is how hard should I pursue Game on this. I'm pretty furious and this can't be the first time they have done this with people. Any advice or if anyone else has had issue with game before would be appreciated
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Go back and get a new one!
Does it really matter? Take it back tomorrow and ask for a new one like you’ve paid for and then that’s that. I suspect they’ve just picked up a pre owned one by mistake from the stock room and given it to you, it’s not some sort of conspiracy to get rid of old consoles.

In terms of consumer advice, the only redress you have is to return the console and either ask for what you’ve paid for, ie. a new console or a refund. You can’t do much else and they’re not obliged to do anything else. You could ask for some goodwill to take into account your time going back to the store etc etc, but that’s at the discretion of the manager.

You can’t really push them any further than that, either you get what you paid for or you get your money back. You haven’t lost out either way unless Game were offering a ridiculously good bundle, which I highly doubt.

Edit:- @cdm22 says it far more succinctly than me
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GAME should sort it out, they probably did it by accident and if they have any sense they will apologise and feel embarrassed. Report back here to let us know what happened.
They did to me once with a game.
I took back and asked for a sealed version.
Thanks for the advice. Haven't dealt with Game from a customer service experience before so wasn't sure best approach.

I called up this morning and phone customer service just directed me to the store. Rather than call I just went in. Luckily I got the store manager who was less than impressed with what happened. It doesn't look like this was a mistake as he and the other staff member on duty knew of this console and seemed quite bewildered the guy sold it to me. Anyway returned it and sold me the God of war bundle at the same price. They were good about it all and more embarrassed as well as genuinely ****** off .

Again cheers for the advice
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