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Found 17th Jul
I've been looking for a laptop for a while now, just for basic browsing, coursework and possibly the odd Netflix show.

Came across this yesterday and impulse ordered before I even checked it out, just wondering if any of you clever lot can tell me if it's a good deal/is it going to be horrifically slow and end up getting thrown out the window?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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Forgot to say, I only paid £160 for it from amazon warehouse with the 20% discount, "like new"
Link doesn't work
On the face of it should be fine doing basic tasks once you throw demanding things at it may fall down but based on what you asked should be perfect for the job in hand
Brilliant thanks, I paid for it then checked the passmark website and the scores were pretty low so wasn't sure whether to cancel it or not.
Passmark tends to heavily favour that processor design, those single module processors are generally slower in real world benchmarks than in passmark.

They're still perfectly reasonable for the use you describe when part of a decent machine, although some cheap laptops have been known to implement them terribly. It's difficult to tell with budget laptops as it's generally not the parts in the published specs that make them slow.
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