Adviced needed regarding a new phone contract. Is this deal any good?

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Found 2nd Jan 2010
I've never had a phone contract before, always preferred payg. Have been thinking about changing for a while but not really got a clue!
We've seen this deal and wondered whether it was good value or not. We're not big talkers or texters but would like the unlimited internet.
Its with and theres also £50 quidco. Its a clearance handset which means it has been returned within the 7 day guarantee period. We're looking at the 2nd one down on T mobile:…tml


Whats the deal?

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Its on the link but i'll type it out aswell.

300 Mins Any
Network Anytime + 300 Texts
+ Unlimited web browsing

£15 month

24 months

£99.99 (-£50 quidco)


Not bad deal - have a look at Three, they have some good deals
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