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    Im looking for a new camcorder as my current one at 2 and a half years old sometimes loses focus for no reason.

    I was looking to get something that could sit in the corner on a tripod to film xmas morning and the kids opening presents. The budget would probably be up to £200. Decent picture quality and sound is a must.

    If there is any other questions just ask.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


    Are you looking for a SD card or DV camcorder?

    Original Poster

    Think SD would be more practical although never used DV so dont know how easy it is to transfer onto PC. Current camcorder has builtin 60gb so thats been easy enough.

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    Providing I got the capture software with the camera I dont think it would be a problem.

    Im torn between the thought of getting one of the mini camcorders cause they would be handy to chuck in the missus handbag to take with us anywhere and still take the one we have on holidays and trips or just replacing the camcorder I have.
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