advice/help needed - 5.1 surround sound speakers to connect to lcd tv

    My sister has asked for a 5.1 surround sound speaker set to connect to her lcd tv for Christmas. Im not that clued up when it comes to these but from what i understand to use with a tv you would generally need an amp. I believe that some speaker sets come with the amp built into the unit can anyone give me any advice as to the best set up and what the cheapest way of managing it would be? any links/suggestions as to makes and models of suitable speakers would be greatly appreciated i understand that the more i spend the better i will get but i am on a budget so im looking for reasonable quality for reasonable price!

    hope its clear what im looking for any tips greatly appreciated

    many thanks


    Connections are pretty straightforward

    Check this offer from Amazon UK

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    thanks for the reply only concern is they are advertised as pc speakers does anyone own this and have them connected to tv? what it the sound quality like? seem to have good reviews by the main use like i say will be tv viewing not pc or game systems
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