Advice/Help needed with O2 Broadband!

I wanted to ask for people experiences/problems with o2 Broadband.

I had Virgin Media for years and never had any problems with them (apart from the price)…. So I decided to change my broadband to o2 as my contract with virgin had ended because I was able to get 20mb broadband for £10 with having an iPhone with them. So I have now had it installed for over a month now and having problems that are making me pull my hair out! Lol

Here is my problem:
The connection has a mind of it own with dropouts and disconnection. My phone has had a constant static noise on it and almost make it impossible hear the other person on the other end of the phone and I have now also noticed that if I pick up the phone the internet also disconnects.

I have called o2 and they just keep fobbing be off I have been promised twice that I will get a callback (One last week and one on Monday) and I am still waiting.

With the noise on the line I was told to call BT for them to sort it out but as everyone knows if they find no fault with there equipment they will charge me £120 which worries me.

Has anyone got any advice or had a similar problem and sorted it out (Light and the end of the tunnel)?


Ensure you have the ADSL filters on all the phone sockets used in the house. Try replacing them too...

I've been with O2 for a few years now and their customer service is excellent! I had problems with intermittent disconnections a few months back and they looked into it straight away.
To thsi day, it has been fine...

Hope you manage to get it sorted...

If you have that amount of noise on your line there will be an issue with it.

As poster above said, ensure you have filters on all sockets first.

Call BT faults and get them to run tests on the line remotely - if they can't resolve it from there they will send someone out.

Are you using your Master socket?
If so take off the faceplate and plug your adsl line into the test socket as decribed here
The rest of that article is helpful too.

Original Poster

I have filters in place and have changed them with no effect.
@vinylandtrinkets – Thanks for your comments I will call BT to find out about other suppliers and releasing the line (if there is any)

Did that solve drop outs aswell?

As for the customer service from o2 I find myself swearing at the TV when I see the advert as it’s a lie! Niggles ******

I will post my findings once I get off the phone

Original Poster

Well I have called o2 again and been told that its the telephone line and nothing to do with the broadband so I have arrange for BT to come up to check it.

Hopefully they find a fault and I dont end up paying £120!
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