Advise about a sub £300 netbook

    I am interested in a sub £300 netbook. If anyone can give me advise and reasons for choosing a specific make and model.

    Battery life is extremely important to me and the ability to cope with playing back avi movie files.

    Weight and size are both considerations as well.

    thanks in anticipations.


    the samsung nc10 is supposedly good and comes in under 300, has a 6-cell battery too.…536

    In all honesty most netbooks offer similar performance as the majority use the excellent intel atom processor. it comes with XP (i think) not linux, i'd imagine AVI performance is good but you might want to read some reviews

    Battery life is extremely important... simple enough mate i woudl advise the Samsung N110, its known for its outstanding battery life, which i can personally vouch, as i bought one a couple weeks ago. Constantly wifi streaming with brightness 50% is around like 5-6hrs, watching just movies, with wifi off its more like 7-8hrs...apprarantly idle it can easily get 9-10hrs. It comes with a 6cell 5900mah out the box. unlike the nc10, where some places offer poor 3cell batteries and some luckily offer 6cell 5200mah though, which can get 6-7hrs idle

    I have heard good things about the Samsung NC10 as well (as long as it has 6-cell battery), and it was my second choice for a netbook.

    I purchased an Asus Eee 1000HE which I love, and recommend it if you happen to find it for under £300 (I wasn't able to).…294

    Asus 1005HA from Amazon for £295 10 hours battery!
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