Advise for Nintendo Switch monitor connection.

Found 8th Nov 2017
I'm looking to buy a Nintendo Switch and I want to be able to connect it to a monitor that only has one DisplayPort terminal. At the moment there's a DisplayPort lead going from that terminal to a GPU. When the Nintendo is going to be hooked up to the monitor I want it to be a seamless as possible.

My idea is to have a switch that has small DisplayPort lead from monitor and then a lead from switch to PC. I would want that switch to accept connection from Nintendo as and when required when the PC would be turned off.

Hopefully I've explained my requirement properly.

My questions are:

Can it be done?

If it can be done, will there be a loss of quality going through the switch whilst PC gaming?

If it can be done will the switch be automatic if PC is off and Nintendo is connected?
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I'd try converting the switches hdmi to display port and then get a 2 port display port switch.
I found this on Amazon


My only issue with things of this nature is at the moment I have DisplayPort to DisplayPort into a reasonably decent monitor.
I'm now going to have DisplayPort to HDMI lead into switch from monitor, then DisplayPort to DisplayPort lead from switch to PC.

Will/could there be a loss of signal, or is it just going to be an obvious screen flicker if there's going to be any degradation?

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