Advise needed on new budget laptop please

Found 20th Mar
  • Hi, can anyone recommend a decent laptop please?

Dont do gaming!
just need it to do occasional word document and browsing and for my photos please.
budget of about £500 maybe. Limited these days unfortunately.

currently have a 2 year old iPad Air 2 with about 6Gb of 16Gb remaining but my 5gb iCloud is now full of photos and not able to update.
Also a very old Sony Vaio with Windows 7, that doesn’t always switch on due to some sort of intermittent problem.
Have transfered some photos onto laptop but worried I won’t at some point be able to access them. ie holiday photos.

Due to long term sickness at moment it would b3 really useful to have access to some sort of word documents, as I found recently not everything can be done by email.....So maybe time to look for laptop??

Im not very techie these days (when I left school and worked on computers they were punch cards that were put into a slot and I had to programme the computer to run certain jobs ie payroll etc) ive tried to keep up with the times but a big office with massive computer in is so different to a iPad..
so please be
I know it’s a big ask but can anyone help with suggestions .
Thank you in advance.
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Just get a decent branded computer with an i5 processor, 8gb ram and a SSD Drive..
Hey I started out using punch cards too!! In need of a new laptop so interested in your replies.
Moneyboi33 m ago

Just get a decent branded computer with an i5 processor, 8gb ram and a SSD …Just get a decent branded computer with an i5 processor, 8gb ram and a SSD Drive..

Don't need an i5 for Office... Not like you're gonna find any real life difference in performance between an i3 and a dual core i5 (they're not gonna give you a quad core i5 for under £500).

I'd go for 8GB of ram, screen resolution of 1080p and SSD over having an i5 processor (i3 is more than enough for Office and basic stuff like that).

All things that would make a difference unlike a marginally better processor.
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If it's not for gaming don't think you need to spend 500 perfectly good ones for 300 check on Tesco direct there was one on there reduced from 400 to 350
this one looks decent. ignore the comment about lenovo having problems. i have lenovo ideapad and it has never had any issues at all, except that the battery life is poor.…806

or this one…868
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