Advise Needed Please-Loans for poor credit rating

    Hi,can anyone help please?
    Im trying to help out a friend who has been trying to get a loan and has been unsuccessful. She has tried a few companies and has been rejected due to her poor credit rating.
    does anyone know any companies that will accept her bad credit rating? or has ever been in this situation before?
    Any advise would be much appreciated.thanks



    there were plenty on panorama last night

    look up loan shark on

    Oh not the I'm trying to help a friend chestnut routine :whistling:

    anyone with a poor credit score is either going to be hounded by debt "arrangement" companies who charge and up front fee and deliver nothing or will pay a ridiculous amount of money in interest.

    frankly,in the current credit crisis your friend has next to zero chance. try an online application for a capitol one credit card and see if it passes-they would only give about a 300 quid card limit but if you use it wisely and keep up payments you can repair your credit score eventually-likewise a vanquis card.

    Here's some advice - if your rating is poor, it's for a reason - don't get more money if you can't afford it.


    I found this place.... and no application form!!!

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    lol. this is fun. glad its not me in their shoes!

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    the thing is. she needs the cash to pay someone back. someone trusted her to save money for them and over 6 years it was meant to be in a high interest savings account. she spent it al! and has only just come clean and she cant pay it back.

    Sounds like you need new freinds and tecnically she's comited theft from the other person and sounds like the only place she will end up is in debt or prison or both

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    the only thing is. there is no proof that he gave it to her


    [QUOTE=_kells_;6920985]the only thing is. there is no proof that he gave it to her[/QUOTE

    you should come clean and admit it it will be easier
    the courts and police will look favourably you may only get a suspended or even curfew because the prisons are full
    guess they were daft to trust you with money

    sorry your friend haha

    With friends like that, who needs enemys :w00t:
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