Found 28th May 2008
I have a sony ericsson k810i unlocked on vodafone contract
and i am due a upgrade on 1st of june

Can you tell me what new phones are out which i can upgrade to, i prefer SE Walkman phones really....

Or do you think i should cancel my contract and get one of them contracts which don't have very good minutes and text, but you get a free ipod or console?
- wouldn't mind not having much mins, as don't really call people much

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have a look ]here and tweak the search buttons to find the phone you want, or the free gift you want. there are some good deals to be had

alternatively, try ]e2save and click on Bespoke Deals on the left hand side to find deals with free things


How much are you paying per month now for your contract and how many text or minutes do you get for that?

I think the free gift deals are good if you dont mind an 18 month contract for a good gift or a **** phone for an average gift...

Good link (the one for mobilecontracts), PapaSmurf:thumbsup:

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Thanks for all the quick replies
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