Advise on re-waterproffing my tent

    I've got a vango killington 600.
    I think i may have messed up the waterproofing on it ,
    when ive been cleaning it i used normal spray cleaner and a sponge.
    Last time we went camping it rained quite bad and in the morning there was loads of big puddles of water it looks like its dripped from the top and also looks like its leaked from underneath through the groundsheet.
    Ive looked on the internet for waterproofing things and there are sprays and liquids that you paint on.
    But im not sure which whould be the best ive read mixed reviews on both,and also when i do it should i do the inside and out or just the inside.
    And what about the sewn in groundsheet shall i do that or just buy a sheet to fit underneath before i pitch the tent.
    Thanks for any advise



    How old is it?
    I had a quick google and found out the 2007 models had to be recalled due to leaking.…323

    4th review down.
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    Maybe search on a specialist camping forum .. such as here or register and post your question directly

    Beaten by one minute by Greatest666 ... same website recommended
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    I`ll assume you`ve checked to make sure there isn`t any physical damage to the tent, no holes in the seams that are letting the water in etc.

    Also, make sure the inner tent isn`t touching the outer, as that`ll let water through as well.

    For treating my tents I usually just use a seam sealant, as the seams always seem to be the weak points. Seamgrip is the one I`ve used recently, and it does the job for me. Nikwax does a spray for tents that is pretty decent, though it`s meant to be used when the tent is new, so I`m not sure how effective it`ll be if you`ve use an abrasive cleaner on your tent.

    I wouldn`t buy a separate groundsheet with a bigger footprint than the tent, you`ll just end up with water pooling under the tent`s sewn in sheet.

    Oh, and don`t ask staff in Black`s for advice. In my experience they know sod all but won`t admit it, so end up giving terrible recommendations.

    Go on - the guys on there are great

    Not that you'll get better advice than given already but as you're a camper you should check out…565

    There is no knowing what damage you have done with "normal spray cleaner" if it was not designed to clean tents or your tent fabric in particular. I would suggest that you pick and area of the tent and use a waterproofing spray, prob nickwax but you may want to research if there is a recommended spray for Vango tents. Then spray one part and test to see if it is worth doing the whole tent. A leaky tent is a nightmare if the weather turns so you may need to bite the bullet if the spray has no effect.

    Yep get onto those camping forums for advice.

    Nikwax is the best that I've used (& I've waterproofed quite a few tents!). Use the Techwash cleaner to ensure that you get out all of the cleaner that you used previously. Then use the Tent & Gear SolarProof waterproofing spray - make sure you rub it into the seams.

    For the groundsheet problem I recommend a footprint (which is a basically a groundsheet that fits under your tent).

    Fabsil. Paint a few coats on it.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the ideas and links.
    I'm already a member on the ukcampsite website forgot all about about there forum tbh ,
    i think i'm used to just posting on here as i always get great advise!
    As for the year it was a 2007 and ive heard nothing about the recall i might give them a email to enquire cheers!
    I'm going to have a look right now for them seamgrip,nikwax and the fabsil,hopefully i can get a few more years out of this tent
    thanks for the info

    Original Poster

    Update on my first post!!
    Got to say a big thanks to greatest666 for pointing out about a recall on my model tent.
    Since then i contacted vango about it and sent it off to be examined.
    And they emailed back the other day saying they had found a fault with our tent and are willing to offer us a replacement but as they no longer make our model we could choose from the new 2011 range on the vango website and now they are sending us a brand new Vango maritsa 600.
    Thanks again greatest666


    How old is it?I had a quick google and found out the 2007 models had to … How old is it?I had a quick google and found out the 2007 models had to be recalled due to leaking.[url=][/url]4th review down.

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