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    hi tesco have just let me down - i ordered a wii fit in the morning today and was told in the order status payment is being taken - but just recieved an email saying order cancelled as bank did not authorize the payment - "A LIE" - i confirmed with the bank. can i not get a compensation for this becuase the stock must have run out they gave me a false excuse.


    Did you check to make sure you entered all your payment information correctly.

    I cannot see how you can get compensation for this, its just one of those annoying things.

    I get such lies all the time, even with the recent hmv orders. :x

    user error

    often the emails are ganeric if you call them and tell the bank didn't refuse the payment they can give your more info on your order

    I dont think it's Tesco on this one, for once :-D

    I was in Argos earlier and all card payments were declining and the woman behind the counter said it was happening nationwide with all types of cards. The man in the queue behind me said he had been trying to use his credit card elsewhere and it too was declined, so looks like the whole banking system is having major issues today.

    Worth calling Tescos though to see if they can take your order on the phone and try again, as this might have happened first thing when there were problems and you've just been sent an automatic e mail saying it was declined, which it was obviously, but not because of anything either of you did :thumbsup:

    tesco must be well known for it this quote was taken from this web site.

    Warning: the Tesco stock system can be slow to update. This product could … Warning: the Tesco stock system can be slow to update. This product could be showing as in stock long after it has sold out. Therefore we will not be sending email alerts out for Tesco.


    It is lies. They done it to me AND my OH when we were trying to get 2 Nintendo DS last December

    They also have done it to me when i bought something reduced last week, they then rang me and said the bank declined the payment, when i rang the bank tesco hadnt even tried to take the money and when i went to re-order suprise suprise it was out of stock!!!
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