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Found 17th Jun 2007
I've got a TV card that can get freeview, unfortunately, the current signal I'm getting from the aerial (which is digital) is not good enough. I did have an aerial booster at some point, but that's gone somewhere else since I'd stopped using it for a while (and now I've no idea where it is).

Hoping for something that does the job well (so boosts the signal as much as possible) for as cheap as possible

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Try aldi
Give Maplin a try...


They often do good deals, its worth signing up to their newsletter IMO.

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Mattitude do mean your main aerial on the roof or in the attic? If you do and your using old coax then replacing your coax for newer ct100 cable would probably be a better option (and possibly cheaper depending on the length you need). I had same problem and a booster didn't help unfortunately. If your in an area that can receive freeview and you have the correct aerial then chances are your cable needs upgrading.
Unfortunately the current analogue signal interferes with the digital signal so shielded cable helps prevent this. Of course if your talking about the little aerial that comes with your tv card this doesn't apply.
Well, the main aerial is actually in the attic (and that's the one that I mean), not on the roof, but I know it's not the cable that needs replacing since a booster has worked well in the past for it.

Thanks for the help all, rep added - I'll take a look at the suggested options
Out of all the different boosetrs I have seen and used (am in a bad area) ]this one works the best

Think you can pick it up for £9.99 in Argos and B&Q

....just need to pout some bluetack over the blue light, makes the back on the TV glow at night!

Edit: ]£8.99 in Argos
Thanks for the info, rep added

Not being familiar with all the aerial stuff really, does that mean that a gain of 20db is quite a lot then?
Try Aldi they had one two weeks ago for £9 works brilliantly and has an extra outlet so you can run another lead to a different tv.
If your sure a booster will work then that will be your best bet as once the analogue switch off is complete the problem of interference will obviously not exist. :thumbsup:
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