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    hiyas anyone got any advice on buying a signal booster for my lcd tele in bedroom ive got a real poor reception and its not picking up freeview well enough to even watch in honesty its @@@@, anyone have a booster they want to sell or advice on a good one to buy pleaseeeeeeeeeee x karen.


    Hmm, lets assume your aerial is set up properly and your using the correct type. An aerial boost is pretty simple electronics, i just got one from argos. Theres not much to make it superior to other brands unless u want to start paying silly money. Best thing to do is to plug it in near to the TV aerial as possible. that way it will work MUCH better.

    I bought an aerial booster for ~£5, a 10m cable for £5.. but i spent £5 on making a 0.5m cable just to that i can plug it in BEFORE my 10m cable run (yes it was annoying paying £5 for a 0.5m cable). it makes a difference.

    Like the poster b4 said it's best to put the booster as close to the actual aerial itself, however what they do is boost everything they receive so there is a chance that it will also boost the bad stuff that is causing the problem. For more information there are several good websites such as [url][/url] (where there is specific advice in this area). The other choice is to contact digitaluk, who are the not for profit company responsible for leading the UK's digital switchover, telephone 08456 50 50 50.

    I bought an aerial kit from asda £17.99 for my bedroon tv and it works a treat.
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