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    Hi all, hope this makes sense but my nanna is having a problem with her tv. I've worked out that its the brown wire thats loose (connects from the aerial socket in the wall to the back of the tv) i'm looking to replace it for her but don't have a clue what to get - some say plug to plug and others say plug to socket. Can anyone help please? Thank you


    look at each end they are ususally different sizes, commonly called male and female, look in a big store like Tesco you should find one.

    if you have a socket on the wall - then all you need is a male to male rf cable - moat pound shops should have these

    Simply unplug the length of cord from both the tv and the wall socket and examine the ends, that will tell you whether or not they have male of female connectors on them.

    Female connector has the hole, male has the prong chances are as said as above, you will need a male to male, female socket is always in a back of a tv, and the wall plate. They sell these at wilko, male to male and usually with an adaptor to convert the end to female to suit.

    Hi I think you will find the lead is good,you need to unscrew the end connectors on the lead and reconnect them,do both ends I expect the metal gripper inside the connector has worked loose,make sure the centre copper wire goes into the connector and the outside mesh does not touch centre wire,does that make sense,do the same to other end plug back in and you should have a good fit and good picture

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    Thank you all for your help - left rep with you all Now feel a bit more 'clued up' with these male and female ends lol Thanks again


    cable ends are easy to remember if you think sexually. Male to female is obvious then
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