AeroBed air mattress

    I am trying to get myself one of these airbeds. It doesn't have to be this specific brand but I am looking for it to be at least a double bed size. If anyone could suggest a good one that will keep someone comfortable all night it would be great. I haven't thought about the price yet so if anyone knows of a good deal please let me know.


    I have just ordered a single 'restform' air bed from Lakeland. I don't have room for a double. I don't know what it will be like, but they are half price at the moment and the web sights I looked at, it was the best price I could find. Single is now £39.99 and the double £49.99. Free carriage if you spend over £50.00. Hope this is of some help.:)

    Self inflating mattresses are £19.99 at Sainsburys at the moment. Half price down from £39.99.
    No idea about the comfort but am tempted to get one myself.
    This price is for the double.

    We had a double from Aldi for £8.99 - it's pretty comfy too!

    Hi,,,i have 1 0f the double size airbeds which is also double height(when blown up it is roughly same height as a sofa seat)also it can be unzipped and used as 2 double airbeds,
    i bought to take camping but have since sold camping stuff so it is unused(only removed from box to check)
    it cost me £60 but will sell for £30,
    let me know if intersted and i will blow it up and take some pictures and also let you know the measurments of it

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