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Found 23rd Dec 2008
We had a can or Neutrodol Aerosol in our bathroom, it's been there for about 3 years and we haven't used it for quite some time, mainly cos I hate the smell of it. Anyway, last night we noticed a hissing sound, I picked up the can and it was slowly spraying out stuff, the bottom of the can was ice cold and condensated. I quickly threw it out into the woods next to our house in case it was going to explode or something?!?!

Does anyone know why this happened ?

BTW I will retrieve it from the woods and dispose of it properly and safely, it was midnight at the time and I was erring on the side of caution by getting it as far away from the house as possible!!

Thanks in advance for any help
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wouldnt have exploded, thats just gas escaping thru a small hole, probably caused by the can coroding away.

because the gas is under pressure, it is much colder (pressure is relative to temperature)
somthing to do with the gases?
Maybe because it was cold and condensated that might mean that it has been exposed to cooling and heating simualtaenously which may have made the plastic brittle or weak over time and the pressure of the can obviously was stronger than what the can top was which may have lead to it being able to slowly escape??
Just a random theory :L
It might of been the ghost of Christmas past trying to escape :w00t:
Just a can that had corroded away and just letting the contents out, like it would when u press the button, its cold because of the presure in the can ect.... Nothing to be worried about
Our bathroom has no window, we have a bath every night for the kiddies so it gets full of condensation, we also have a radiator that stays on with the hot water as well as heating so the atmosphere changes quickly.

Thanks for your help, glad we weren't about to end up in a crater!!

Rep coming your way

It might of been the ghost of Christmas past trying to escape :w00t:

well he has well and truly escaped now, into the woods :-D
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