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Found 11th Jul 2006
a few questions about this...

im not sure exactly the details on how this works...would any 1 explain ?


how do u become an Affiliate to website ?


if i had a website is there no way i can change links to it goes thru my quidco??


how did quidco get so many Affiliate links ? how easy is to do ?

hope this makes sence, its just if you have a website its small amounts of money available that could mount up !

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I never made much with Affiliate links I'm afraid. You just have to apply to all of the retailers. SOme accept straight awy and some don't.

With QuidCo you don't have affiliate links per user... it's the same for the whole site. It's QuidCo which counts how much you've earned, not the affiliate network. Therefore yoy can't put links on your site in order to get QuidCo cash.

Finally, you have to sign up to an affiliate network to become an affiliate of a retailer. The best way to find out about this is to go to the retailer's website and look for a little link saying "affiliates" near the bottom of their site, usually near the Terms and Conditions somewhere.

[url]www.affiliatessearch.co.uk[/url] also has some information.

My affiliate network closed my account for no apparant reason.
thanks ducky !!
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