Affordable Mobiles - Confusing trms.

    Or am I just being a wee bit thick?!?

    I'm looking at a T-mobile contract that states the following...

    T-Mob Monthly £30
    Was £3064 now £22.13
    5 months free by redemption (booo for redemption)

    Now I'm rubbish at maths but this seems to average off at the difference, so can anyone tell me if the monthly charge BEFORE and redemption will be the £30 or the £22?

    Ta very much folks!



    Was £3064 now £22.13

    Quite a saving! I'd go for it! (I'm assuming the phone is made of gold, at that price?)

    Original Poster

    £30.64... Can't type today... Heheh!

    It's these ruddy VAT changes that put the odds on.

    tbh the phone companies play with words all the time, so I reckon the only way you'll know for sure is to ask T-Mobile specific questions.

    how long is the contract?

    this is how I read it

    if its 24 month contract then £531.12 - £110.65 (the 5 months redemption) = £420.47

    18 month = £287.69

    12 month = £154.91

    oh I just realised what you asked lol. I assume before redemption the cost is the £22.13

    but as above call T-Mobile fo sho!

    Original Poster

    Aye... I'll send them amail now, but if anyone knows for sure what's what I can get an order in later when I get back from the boozer.

    Cheers for now!
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