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    Has anyone ever dealt with them before? before I ordered a new contract I phoned them up and was assured the free gift would arrive within the stated time as they were "always getting new stock in" - I've waited the 4 weeks they say and nothing, so phoned up and they said it wasn't in stock and to wait another 3 weeks, arrrgh!, but I'm still not overly optimistic on that was just wondering if anyone else had used them? my quidco tracked, validated, and was paid all within a month.

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    Just in case anyone stumbles across this thread (as I know there is very little info on this company out there) I received both my gifts first thing this morning (PS3 and Projector) and not only that, I got an 80GB PS3 with DS3 controller instead of the 40GB with sixaxis - I guess thats probably what caused the small delay. So can definitely recommend if anyone is thinking of buying from there.
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