Africa trip fundraising ideas

Posted 12th May 2010
My 14 year old son has just been chosen to go on a school trip to Africa next year, along with 14 others.
Just wondering if anyone has any fundraising ideas.. how do we go about firms do this? Thinking about doing a web site,where every donation can be shown/advertised. Was hoping to do a Africa themed night too, but any other ideas would be great!
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Pay for it yourself? Hardly a charitable thing is it, a kids school trip? Don't the school offer financial assistance to those that need it?
Hi This will be an awesome experience for your son. Is the trip linked to a charity in any way? I know a few of our local schools go away on a school trip linked with

One of the easiest things to organise is a bag pack at one of your local supermarkets. You can raise quite a lot of money doing this.
Silent auction, my son went on a trip to Japan when he was 13, those that went had to raise all the funds themselves, he wrote to loads of local and national businesses in the county, got them to provide an item/service, then held a silent auction in my sisters pub, everything was laid out with bidding sheets, people could then walk round writing down their bids etc, the winners were those whose bids were highest at the end of the bidding time, he did it jointly with a friend and raised just over £1200 on the night.
I'm sure the school would lend you the school hall for it, forgot to mention they had a refreshment area, selling home made soup in cups, cakes, crisps etc, that was included in the total.
They also did a few car boot sales, went round family/neighbours/friends and asked for any bits no longer wanted, raised about £180 that way.

Pay for it yourself? Hardly a charitable thing is it, a kids school trip? … Pay for it yourself? Hardly a charitable thing is it, a kids school trip? Don't the school offer financial assistance to those that need it?

We do underwrite the full cost of the trip ourselves, but the idea is that the children take part in organizing events as part of their citizenship lessons, hopefully showing them how to work to help others! When they get there they will be assisting in the building of an orphanage....its not a sightseeing trip!
No their is no financial assistance to anyone.
We did a simalar thin at my school when i was younger. we did a number of funrasing concerts within the school, got all the musical/dance/dramatical talent within the school to put on a show, charged £3-£5 to get in. we did like 3 concerts, a play and we got a local bakery to donate cackes to sell in the interval. we raised a heck of a lot doing that. best of luck. i hope he enjoys it! i sure did
My cousin has been doing this for the last 6months(ish!). He does car boot sales every weekend, usually both days and these seem to be best way of bringing the money in. Also done bag packs etc, but this can be frustrating because they all do it together and money gets split equally at end even though some work a LOT harder than others.

Ask around all friends and family for donations for car booting, and keep reminding them about it (easy to give stuff once then forget and take stuff to charity shop next time) also put a letter through neighbours doors explaining what he is doing and asking for anything they are going to get rid of, emphasising that its a charity trip

They have also organised discos etc for younger years in the school, but the majority of the £ has definitely come from car boot sales saturday and sunday morning.

Oh, done a few sponsored events as well, abseiling etc. Only problem with this is that people will sponsor once, but wont keep sponsoring for multiple events
Some great ideas....thanks! We really want to try to steer clear of sponsored events, like you say people will give once but you don't want to keep asking!
The car boot idea sounds great and them at least he will be doing the fundraising, also great idea about handing the letters out to friends neighbours, will give that a go and keep you posted!
I know you aren't keen on sponsorship - but if you DO go down that route I suggest you set up a "justgiving" account - - very easdy to work and can be linked to twitter/facebook etc for any donations.

As you have a while talk a local cardboard box manufacturer into letting you have some 8x4x4" boxes (there are loads around surprisingly!!) to collect loose change land leave these with local businsses/freinds family etc (gives the chaps somewhere to empty their pockets into, and its amazing what a root around the bottom of a handbag will yield!)

Another idea; set a target and aimed for an amount of 5p coins assuming the trip is next year , if you can get 2011 5ps you'll have just over £100 ! - no-one likes them and are often happy to collect on your behalf
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