African ebay scam - How does it work

Found 13th Nov 2009
I am sure anyone who has advertized on Ebay or Gumtree get the emails about how they want to ship it to their brother in africa as a present and they will pay paypal.

My question is, if they do pay into paypal, surely you have the money? How do they scam you?

Just intrested lol

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phishing ;-)

Are you perhaps Nigerian ? :whistling:

i dont know! maybe they can cancel the transaction after paying.x

2 ways normally, the main is they send fake emails claiming to be Western Union or Paypal and normally have bad grammar and claim the funds are on hold till the item is send and normally a item as cheap as £20 has an "extra" say £500 added to it and they ask you to send the £500 to them.

2nd is they use stolen credit cards or paypal accounts.

i normally login into paypal account to check funds are there and same time withdraw them into the account

So scam the African then....

Dont post the item and keep the money they pay you! :w00t:

Edit : Please do not try this ^^^^^^^^^^ at home

I believe there is also a thing called 'reverse payment' where they can actually reverse the payment. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

They send you fake e-mails pretending to be paypal and a couple days down the line "paypal" threaten you to send the item or they will contact the police..


Original Poster

Cheers guys

Always wondered lol


they buy the item and have you ship item to where ever and then just reverse the payment as you have not sent item to a confirmed address it doesnt have to be nigerian people in this country are doing it all the time now
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