Afrika tickets for tonight!!!

2 tickets for tonight's show. Won't be able to make it, just received e-mail confirmation.

First to contact me will receive them. There will be id check, I don't know if it will be a problem.


All you have to do is on the email you send the other person with the tickets put something along the lines of: Hello, I spoke to someone earlier on today at head office and advised the person that I can not attend tonight's show. I am passing on my tickets to ... to collect on my behalf.

Then it should be fine, but the person you send the email to that goes on your behalf has to print the email out and show it on the door then they will have no problems, because they will check your email address and if it already registered then it will be ok. Hope that helps.

Could I take these tickets? My girlfriend is dying to go! You're a hero

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They don't check ID - I've been twice.
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