After 1GB DDR 3200 Memory

    Being the fool I am I bought some memory on ebay and its broken full of memory errors never doing that again, so I am after some brand new stuff the cheapest I have found so far is

    Corsair (VS1GB400C3) 1024MB, DDR400 for £40.77 delivered with Ebuyer

    I preferably want branded memory and a single stick 1GB not 2*512mb as want to keep a slot free just in case. This is going in my HTPC as Vista Media center is a bit slow with anything less



    Frank, I think ebuyer is the cheapest around for this type of memory.

    The crucial on the same site is slightly cheaper but out of stock ATM.

    If you do find any cheaper branded stuff come back and tell us.

    How about something like this: ]http//ww…972

    Cheap as chips and a lifetime warranty to boot.

    ^^^That's DDR2 which is usually cheaper than DDR and of no use to the OP.

    That'll teach me to read things properly.:giggle:

    Original Poster

    i have looked around and cant see a better price but my luck is in as i just checked my quidco account and i have £37.33 due to be paid in the next few days so its only going to actually cost me £3.44 now thats a bargain
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