After a 50"TV - which of these is best ? (budget around £700)

    LG 50SP3000 or LG 50PQ6000 (or other ?)

    Just after a 50" HD TV - not up todate on all the geeky stuff

    Which TV is best for around the £600-£700 mark…255


    Original Poster…255
    compare from comet (i know there cheaper else where so was gonna try a price match)

    In my opinion LGs are terrible. Try to find a Panasonic plasma if you can.

    Yeah, i agree, 42" Panasonic would be better imo.

    Or save up for a decent 50"

    you can get a 50 inch samsung for that price im sure

    i got a LG50pq6000 from dixons and had it for about 6 months and i think its great, i sit about 13ft from the tv so i was informed that it wasnt actually a HD tv i need as it wouldnt be seen by my eyes from that difference. I like the lgs, however there are some panasonics which are generally classed as better tvs. pop over to av forums, loads of good advice over there from proper tv geeks ( i mean that in a nice way : ))

    Also got the samsung 50inch from comet for about £569 using a voucher and that seems a good tv for the money.

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    The only thing that will used with this is a blu ray player, does that change anything ?

    The only thing?

    Seems a bit crazy

    I have the 42 inch version of this one and its a to tv LG are ok for what you get on a budget

    LG 47LF7700 47 Inch Freesat LCD Television

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    The only thing?Seems a bit crazy

    i did mean the only HD thing also connected will be the wii, Sky+ but possibly Sky+HD soon too

    thanks for all the comments so far


    LG's are great. Dont let any brand snobs tell you different. Read the reviews.

    better off on avforums for proper advice and read the amazon reviews to gety a good overall customer rating.
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