After a 55" or 60" Tv please advise so confused what to buy


    Not much between them tbh, Both have excellent image quality etc, I'd opt for the Samsung though as A. It's cheaper and B. It's bigger

    3D is also likely to be better on the Samsung as it's active, Albeit the glasses are more expensive.

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    60" is a lot bigger than 55", so go for the Samsung. Only 1 Year warranty though.
    As stated in you deal for the 55" Panny, which has gone cold for a reason, get this one…900 4K for the price of your panny one and 5 year warranty too.

    watch the size of your room as they are both huge tvs


    watch the size of your room as they are both huge tvs

    It's not as big as a sofa though and most people manage to fit those in their rooms and manage to make out what they are, so I'm sure the telly will be ok.
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