After a basic desktop PC with wireless, cheap as possible, really.

    Hi, my aunty is after a new computer, ideally:
    - Very basic PC for browsing the internet and not an awful lot more, something that'll run Vista Home Premium decently would be the main criteria I guess. Wireless is an absolute must too.
    - Wireless ADSL router
    - Basic, cheap printer. Won't be used for photos although it wouldn't hurt I guess.

    I've found a PC on Dell which has Vista Home Premium, a decent spec and built-in wireless for £410. Add another £40 for a HP printer and another £38 for a Netgear ADSL Router and the whole thing comes to £490 - not bad, but since she'll probably seldom use it I was wondering if there's anything a bit cheaper.




    System Configuration:
    PC Case: Coolermaster Elite 330 Case - included in price
    Power Supply: Standard 450 Watt PSU - included in price
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU - included in price
    Heatsink & CPU Fan: Standard Heatsink & CPU Fan - included in price
    DDR2 Memory: 2 GB Kingston 667Mhz PC5300 DDR2 RAM - included in price
    PCI-E Graphics: 256MB nVidia 8600GT PCI Express Graphics Card - included in price
    Sound Card: Integrated 5.1 Channel Sound Card - included in price
    Primary Hard Drive: 250GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
    Secondary Hard Drive: None
    Main Optical Drive: 20x Dual Layer DVD +/- Rewriter - included in price
    Secondary Optical Drive: None
    Floppy Drive: None
    Memory Card Reader: None
    Dial-Up Modem: None
    Network Adapter: PCI 802.11G 54Mbps Wireless Network Card
    TV Tuner: None
    Firewire: None
    TFT Monitor: 19" Widescreen Multimedia TFT - included in price
    Keyboard & Mice: Std Keyboard & Optical Mouse - included in price
    Speakers: Built into Flat-Panel - included in price
    Printer: None
    VOIP Hardware: None
    Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium - included in price
    Antivirus Software: None
    Multimedia Software: Nero Burning Rom - included in price
    Office Software: Ability Office - included in price
    Warranty: 2 Years Return to Base Warranty (Second Year - No Parts, Labour Wty Only) - included in price

    £581 Delivered

    note you get a monitor you can sell on or keep and get money for

    If it's only used for web browsing, emailing, and the occasional dvd or document this seems adequate, only with Vista home basic...but basic is all you really need.…nre

    oh yes it's very cheap: £184.99

    Add one of these for £9.99…tml

    So that's £194.98.

    an adsl router for £29.99:…tml

    then a basic printer for £32.99…tml

    In my opinion this would make a relatively nice looking, compact, and all round decent basic pc for an aunt.

    All that for £257.96!

    Just keep in mind this is just one retailers site, so looking around will shave even more pennies off.

    Original Poster

    That's awesome, thank you so much guys (dandy p in particular, some of the stuff looks awesome)

    That Acer looks perfect really, and the printer/wireless router too (although I've had bad experiences with Belkin unfortunately) - would she be better off with the wireless USB adapter, or a proper PCI wireless card?

    Currently thinking of getting:
    Acer PC (£185) -…nre
    Acer Monitor - (£150)…8-1
    Epson D92 Printer (£33) -…tml
    Netgear Router & USB Adapter (£50) -…8-6

    It would be better having a wireless PCI card but im not sure if the Acer has any free PCI you'd have to wait until you got it to see.

    Also if you wanted a slightly cheaper monitor (I know the Acer from amazon does look very good though), there are some cheaper models, still from Acer to keep the whole Pc matching:…tml

    This model is way cheaper than the amazon model, but would need an unsightly VGA to DVI adaptor, as i think the Acer pc only has DVI:…tml
    (Although these are much cheaper on ebay if you buy just the adaptor not the cable-adaptor)

    However I think this model is an absolute steal, it has DVI so no messing around with adaptors, is silver so matches the PC, is 19'' widescreen and best of all is only £114.99:…tml

    Original Poster

    Many thanks, some great information there. Tempted to go with this from Ebuyer which actually bundles that monitor with the PC, as well as a mouse, keyboard and speakers for a very respectable £320 -…118

    As well as a Bufallo wireless adapter thingy
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