After a Cheapish SD Camcorder

    Mum wants an SD camcorder for Crimbo so she can film my baby brothers first xmas... Ive told her to go for an SD one as she cannot use a computer and this way she can store plenty of footage on SD and wait till i go back home from uni to put on dvd for her... So im looking for a Camcorder around the 150 mark tops... i have been looking at the JVC Everios? and also the panasonic... looking for the best deal and also any extra specs such as max card capacity would be indispensable information!!!

    Plenty of rep for helpful suggestions...

    Many Thanks



    i would advise something from the Sanyo Xacti range!! i've been using one of theses for last 3 years and are really easy to use also prices start from about £100+ mark.... hope this is of help!

    Had an Xacti VPC-CG9 briefly but it went back. In anything other than bright light the video quality was poor.

    Should have read the reviews first. There are lots of nice features, but allcomes to nowt if teh results aren't much good. Doesn't come with any software either! :-(

    I've got a JVC MG344 now which has a 40G hard drive and takes a MicroSD card up to 4G as well. Quality Soooo much better.

    The MG330 is the same but with a 30Gdrive and is around the £199 mark, less £30 rebate from JVC which I think is still current and has been posted on UKHD before (Check out the JVC website ]

    There's also an SD card only model, which I think is the MS100.

    I've also heard good reports about some of the teensy Panasonic camcorders.

    You can check out video quality of lots of camcorders online at [url][/url] and do a search for the camera model in which you're interested.
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