after a fuji f30 or f31,any offers out there?

    guys,as in the title any good deals for one of these girlfriend has picked the f30 out of the argos book for her birthday :oops: would'nt mind finding a cheaper outlet;-)


    It's £154.39 on amazon, I bought it last september for 200 over there. It really is a great digital camera to be honest. Don't forget to buy memory card too (xd type).

    Am sure you will find better deals on Amazon than Argos:

    My first post i am so excited ! !


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    i got around that price as well with a few others,dixons currys etc....looks like 150 is as good as im going to get:thinking:

    but if anyone know better!
    cheers b

    Get them direct from Fuji as a 'refurb'. I have bought 3 cameras direct from them and they are new (overstocks, show demos, etc), fully packaged (though box does stae Refurb) and have 6 month guarantee - but as they have been hand checked they experience much less returns than model straight off the producion line. Brilliant prices too, F30 out of stock at mo', but was £130. Should have more in soon, plus F31 will appear soon.
    F20 is worth considering, cheaper than F30 and reviewed as being better because it's not as ambitious with its ISO ratings, though still goes up to a class leading 2000 - I just got one and it's brilliant.
    Z3 zoom also a good buy for £127.


    £150 for brand new looks good, this site wants the same for refurbished.…nce
    All the reviews I have read have been good.

    F31d now available direct from Fuji for £169.99
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