After a great tv 19"-26".. please help! Suggestions!

Been in the market for a while now, my little 15" LCD is way to small to enjoy my PS3 properly.

There are so many TV's out there it's hard to decide which to buy.

I've just spotted the Samsung LE19R86 on Amazon for £199. It looks perfect, but could do with being a couple inches bigger.

Built-in Freeview is a must.
HD is a must (obviously a 19" won't have/need full HD, but if you're suggesting the 24"-26" size then I'd really like 720/1080i at least!)

Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

Thanks a million!

Merry xmas


wats your budget?

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I don't have one, per se..

Prepared to spend more the bigger the screen, obviously, but I don't want a **** TV so I'm happy to spend "a fair bit".

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(Why on earth's "cr*p" censored?! Hmm..)

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This one looks good..…nre

Great price, very decent features.. but slightly small at 19". Not the worst, but I'd rather something bigger.

Quite like the Samsungs, too, but Viera's are a favourite.

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Just spotted that one browsing TVs on Play..

Have you used it? What's the picture like mate? Any good?


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Having a quick check on google and most peeps rave on NOT sony, but samsung, as the price/performance ratio is really good.imo, at that size, the difference between 720 and 1080 is hardly noticeable.

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at that size, the difference between 720 and 1080 is hardly noticeable.

Even at 26"..? I think it is.. no?
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