After a kids toy Fort/Army Base etc.

    Not the type of forts you get for the garden but one where my son can play with his soldiers etc. Looked on google and can i heck find anything suitable, wouldn't mind army bases or something where he has a command post etc for his soldiers.

    When i was a nipper these things were easily bought but in the this silly day and age it's bloody rock solid to find anything such a PC world we live in now (no puns plz hehe!).

    Any links would be brilliant, thx!


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    Not really a deal just info tbh but hey np

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    le toy van do a few similar things. They have a fort rattlesnake (cowboys), Viking fort, roman fort and buccaneers fort. Could one of those do the trick?

    hope it helps

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    THX chicky's

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    Thx for the replies again
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