After a new 49 inch telly with about £600 to spend.

    My old Samsung has given up after about 7 years and the missus has said we can get a new ones it's been so long and things have moved on such a lot can anyone give me some help on what to choose?

    Cheers Jim


    Hisense are pretty good Jimbo' plus you'll likely have lots of change to spend on your missus! ( win - win ) 5 year warranty from John Lewis.

    I'm interested in the comments too as I want to buy my first TV in the next 2 months...I prefer samsung and around £600-£700..

    In the same boat here and finding it hard to choose.
    If you can it's a good idea going in to a store that has a big selection on display and getting them to demonstrate all of the models you're interested in. I'd initially picked a TV after reading recommendations and reviews but after seeing it in person I wasn't overly impressed with it.

    At £600-700 you'd be looking at the Sony XD80/XD83/SD80, Panasonic DX750, Samsung KU6400/KU6500/KU6510/KU6670, Philips 6501/6551/6561 or 7101/7181 and LG UH850. I wouldn't bother with Hisense at 49", the ones available at that size are just average quality aggressively priced and aren't anything special on your budget.

    If you're not in any hurry then I'd expect the Sony XE90 to drop several hundred from the current £1300 by Christmas. That's the best 49" TV available right now.

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    Hi all, thanks for all the advice. Hisense seems to have very mixed reviews. I'm hoping I'll be able to see on in the flesh at curry's or somewhere. They seem very reasonably priced. I've looked at the LG 850v which seems to be my favoruite so far but cant finding it anywhere.
    Update.....missus has insisted on a black bezel..... Ha.....
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    I think ive decided on the Samsung Ue49mu6400 for 599


    jim88113 h, 22 m ago

    I think ive decided on the Samsung Ue49mu6400 for 599

    ​Good choice my cousin has the same tv and when I compared my hisense to it it looked realy bad the main issue with the hisense was the viewing angles and the gimmicky smart features .if I could pick a Samsung I would do it in a heart beat

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    Got it for 569 from Crompton & Moore. Plus 70 quid for 5 year warranty. TV Is brilliant btw
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