After a PC - Any Suggestions?

Our old Dell Laptop has given up the ghost - less than 2 yrs old!!
We have a Dell docking station a 22" LCD screen and all peripherals, so either need a Dell laptop compatible with the docking station (Latitude) or a desktop PC basic package with no screen etc.
Use is generally for internet (loads of screens open on firefox at any one time), some office packages, and possibly downloading/streaming films. We don't do any gaming.
Want a decent PC that will last, won't slow down when loads of programs are open at once, and performs quickly for what we want it to do.
Budget is as little as possible really, had a look at a few from Dell Inspiron desktops, to Acer Aspire Revos, so may go to around £400, but if we can get something suitable for £200 that'd be better.
Any help appreciated.


Well take the Aspire Revo and any other net-top straight off your list, they're definitely not suitable for having loads of programs open at once.

Apart from that take your pick, anything will fulfil your requirements. I would say look for something with a good hard drive but given that virtually no manufacturers list which one you're getting that'd be tricky to do.

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Uh thanks, i think. Any suggestions?


Uh thanks, i think. Any suggestions?

This would do and in stock for delivery...


Basic but good value


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I also want something that will be good wireless performance, so wireless N, so I can d/l films and stream to my PS3.

Is this any good:

Advent Centurion CPQ9104 - Gaming PC

* AMD Phenom X4 9650 Quad-Core processor
* (2.3GHz, 2MB Cache)
* Genuine Windows(R) 7 Home Premium
* 4GB DDR2 memory
* 640GB hard drive


It's £480.

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Also had a look at PC world today, found an Advent SQ-9204, which is £350 without the screen (I already have a screen): pcworld.co.uk/mar…614

Seems powerful enough - good deal?
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