After a Wii u

    Been looking to buy a wii u but they hold their price so well, does anyone know any good deals going for one, can be bundled with a game or two. Cheapest ive seen is with MK8 and Splatoon for about £220 but i know theyve been alot cheaper than this in the past


    Hi there, I bought one for my boy last month from the Tesco Outlet on eBay. It cost £180'with Mariokart installed. It was sold as 'reconditioned', but was basically a returned unwanted item and honestly as good as brand new.

    It's got a 12 month Tesco warranty with it, so if anything goes wrong with it I can take it back just like a brand new

    Might not be what you're after, but saved us a few quid.

    All the best, Omes

    You can get second hand units from a shop for about £140-160 with a 12 month guarantee. I think CEX give 24 month warranties now for free.
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