After a WinPho7 - Opinions and recommendations please.

Found 8th Apr 2011
Okay so my phone is broken, kaput, up the spout etc. and so I'm in the market for a new one. It was a relic anyway.

Now I know what I want, I want a Windows Phone 7. Of all the phones on the market it's the only one with features I'd actually use.
Phones can have all the bells and whistles they like but it doesn't matter if I'm never going to make any noise with them, so to speak.

So I come to you, HUKD, because I'd like an opinion from the consumers, rather than the serfs in-store whose opinion extends little beyond "this phone is the best because we sell it."

I thought about going on o2 with the HD7 and it's 4.3inch screen but it's only TFT-LCD, would it be worth going for one of the smaller S-AMOLED displays instead? I'm a heavy 360 gamer so the Xbox Live interoperability is a big draw for me.

And as for the camera, the Mozart's got a better camera than the others but is that any good as a whole? I'd like my phone to be a jack of all trades ie music, internet, camera, actually being a phone...

As for tariffs, because at nearly £400 a pop I'm not going on PAYG. I'm alright up to £30 maximum really but any data plan is good since at home I can just link it to my (poor) internet connection.

Also, are there any whispers of new handsets on the horizon? I could wait if they're not too far away but I've not heard anything myself.

Anyway thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide, HUKD! : D
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