After help and advice on buying a new laptop ? Upto £500 but could we get one for less??

Hi our friend has asked our advice on buying a laptop simply because myself and my partner have one and he doesn't.
Someone has told him for £500 he could have the bee's knees but i peronsally don't think he would need it. He has done without the internet for over 60 years so is only going to be using rarely. People have been telling him he needs duel core and this that and the other, otherwise it will be no good. Now he's thinking he need's all this. Could anyone point me in the right direction so i can offer the advice to him (a good friend) i don't want him getting ripped off in Currys, pc world or the like and walking in closed eyed so they can tell him what he wants to hear.

I got my second laptop with aol the free one with an 18 month contract but now alot offer free internet anyway. Im with aol but will leave in the middle of the year when my 18months is over and go with the free sky option (i personally found the calls on there exspensive- luckily i only pay for the broadband now and im back on bt for phonecalls)

So aol is £22.50 per month with FREE laptop is that the best for him would you say? he won't be downloading music etc, so im sure a basic one would be fine, are there any good deals around? Also then who's going to best for his ISP???

Thanks to all who offer help :-)


If he is gonna be browsing the web, emailis, making documents etc, but doing nothing demanding like gaming & photo editting, the get a web book.

The MSI Wind webbooks are beautiful and a top spec one with Windows XP on can be had for £265. The Linux version is even cheaper.

son got this one for xmas ]http//ww…583 all he does is surf the internet and do homework, or how about a netbook they are aimed at internet surfing mainly, you could pick one up from as little as £150

You can pick up a basic laptop that is good enough for the web and office for around £280:…547

I got this one…054

the other week. Ok, it's an Acer, but I've had no problems at all with it, and the spec is fantastic for the £430 you pay for it.

if your friend is over 60, i expect his eyesight may no longer be the best.

if so (and accept my apologies if i'm wrong) then a netbook is not the answer as it has such a small screen (typically 9" or so)

he may be better off with a standard laptop (15.4" screen) or even a 17" screen which are a bit heavier and bulkier but if he isn't taking it out of the house it makes no difference and will make his laptop experience more enjoyable.

i think a reasonable 17" laptop should be not a great deal more than £400 or so

just my two pence worth.

Ok, like I said in my last post I bought a laptop recently so did a bit of research.

Anyways, most processors are dual core these days, however there are 2 types; dual core and Core 2 Duo. The core 2 duo processors are more efficient at processing data and are therefore faster, however for normal everyday stuff (surfing the web etc) there should be no noticeable difference between the two.

Programs running on a computer all use a certain amount of RAM, even when running in the background. Therefore, the more RAM the better. Windows Vista uses quite a bit of RAM and therefore you'd be best getting a minimum of 1GB, preferably 2GB, for decent performance.

Hard-drive - the larger it is, the more data it can store. Again, for everyday use, and if no music is downloaded, 160GB, or even 120GB, should be more than enough.

Graphics - you need a dedicated graphics card to run some games, but assuming that isn't going to be happening then a dedicated card isn't necessary.

You can get laptops which play DVD's, some play BLu-Ray, again if this isn't necessary there's no point paying for it. Similarly, some drives can burn DVD's, but unless you're downloading films it probably isn't required.

Finally, screen size - it's a personal preference really, up to your friend if he'd prefer a larger or smaller screen.

Hope the above (very basic) explanation helps!

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thanks everyone i'll have a read through them all.x
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