After Kraken rum but in the ceramic bottle. Amazon have sold out. And can't find any online. Any ideas please? Thanks :)

My local morrisons had this last week (not looked since) but I dont know price...
Lovely bottle , made by wade - Its worth giving Costco uk a ring and asking them as they often do special editions , plus don't forget to tweet kraken - others online seeing that may be able to help .
Look in the shops!
Thanks loisgriffin. Will try them. Looked at different sites online and either only ship in America or only have the normal bottles available, and not the ceramic one
I'm after the same thing, I wrote to Kraken but just got a link to the Amazon one which had already sold out
I've searched for days and found nothing. Wish I'd ordered it on Amazon week's ago as it's for a present. All that I managed to get was the same link manc22

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