After Restart PC looses all its configuration!


I installed Bloody Vista...pain in the a***! I am using the WiFi Max USB to use internet on the PS3 and the laptop.

I finally got it working...but had to restart the PC....and then the software which controls the WiFi MAX USB (ZDWLan) was not to be found! So I had to reinstall the wireless connection!

I don't know what to do! Anyone know how I can prevent it from going away everytime I reboot!

Pleaase! I'm using the WiFi Max Vista Drivers! so its not that I haven;t updated its drivers,


I've got the same thing myself, and mine does a similar thing. What happens is that the wireless device crashes, and as a result, Windows can't use it without the device being unplugged and reinserted, usually about a dozen times. Check in Device Manager to see if yours gets listed with a (!) error indicator (Device cannot start), like mine.

If that's what you've got, the fix is to throw the device extremely hard at something reasonably solid and that you won't mind denting slightly, and then buy something else.

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Yeah totally agree! So what do u use now to have a wireless connection? Just that want to get it sorted asap!


My last 3 PC's with Vista had an annoying problem, as soon as screen saver came on it killed the wireless connection, and I had to restart PC for it to come back on!

And this is on 3 different wireless cards!

I'm back on Generic USB 2.0 Wireless Adaptor from eBuyer now, and it works reasonably well. They've stopped selling this model (and I took the casing off to attach a bigger aerial to it so I could steal my neighbour's wireless internet better) so I can't point you towards it, unfortunately.

Probably the easist thing to do would be to go down Asda or Tesco and buy one of the wireless USB adaptors they sell there for about £20. I've found USB wireless cards to be horribly hit-and-miss, and if you buy one from a supermarket, although it'll cost a couple of quid more than an online retailer, you've got the ability to take it back for a replacment or a refund easily enough if it turns out to be rubbish, which might be useful.

Good luck with it.
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