After some advice on electric heaters for an elderly neighbour

Found 6th Jan 2013
I have an elderly neighbour who is after an electric heater for her cold, old house. She has a coal fire but sometimes needs a boost for the bedroom or kitchen. She's been using those halogen heaters but the bars have gone and she need an economical but efficient replacement. I've seen the cheap oil filled radiators (our common room at uni is a porta cabin type box on the roof, we have one of these - they take a while to warm up but once they do the heat is even and seems to stay warm for a while), but I don't know if she'd be better with a fan heater for a super boost. Her main priority is electric bill so any advice would be appreciated.
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If the priority is electric bills I'd say oil filled radiator would be the best. Certainly those halogen type heaters and fan heaters would cost more. Or if being warm in bed is a priority, perhaps some thick blankets and an electric blanket?
Just make sure you check the kwh each heater uses before you buy. The higher the number the higher the cost. Check on google for the most efficient I would say.
Electrical heaters are equally as efficient. Doesn't matter if you use an oil filled radiator or convection heater.
I have a panel heater, and it doesn't seem to be too expensive compared to something like a fan heater.

I agree with anewman that an electric blanket is a good idea - pretty cheap to run, and you can also get electric throws if you want something for when sitting in a chair as oppose to in bed.

I think a lot of people don't realise how dangerous the cold can be for older people - heart has to work a lot harder when temperatures are low.
A panel heater would only be cheaper to run than a fan heater if it gave out less heat.
thanks for your advice; she has an electric blanket and lots of gadgets like the microwavable hot packs so they all help a great deal; we also make sure she gets a hot meal every day, even if it's only soup. Christ but aren't that generation proud! She dislocated her shoulder and didn't go to the doctor for THREE years! (I think she'd be entitled to DLA as it causes her mobility probems). #
I know squat about heaters, but wanted to say well done for taking care of your neighbour, mate. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you.
Thank you.
Some of the oil heaters have 2 switchs i.e 1kw and 2 kw. And having both flicked is 3kw
But they also have a thermostat which will turn off the current once the desired temp is reached

So if you have an oil heater that uses a large wattage it will get hot quickly and then turn off once the thermostat temp is reached

So the bigger the better if you want the room to heat up from cold quickly
check on your/ her electricity suppliers site, sometimes there are free items for people with no central heating.

I know squat about heaters, but wanted to say well done for taking care … I know squat about heaters, but wanted to say well done for taking care of your neighbour, mate. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you.Thank you.

probably going for a spot on the will.

probably going for a spot on the will.

haha, where there's a will, there's a relative. I think all she owns of value is a crazy collie dog - just my luck! Thanks for your kind words kyashwanth, I hope someone looks after me when I'm older, what goes around comes around.
Oil filled end up being cheaper cause they switch off fer abit when the room gets hot, fan ones obviously don,t aldi have oil filled rads just Gone on sale (yesterday Sunday) 1.5 kw 29.99 with. a 3 year guarantee. My neighbour only has oil filled rads as a main source of heating and its always toasty warm. Well done for looking after the elderly as well.
Also check if she's entitled to a warm front grant, could get a new central heating system fitted for nowt
I'm not sure about heaters but is she getting her winter fuel allowance?
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