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Right so i have about £500-600 to spend on a new tv and i have absolutely no idea on what makes a good tv these days, i keep reading hdr 10 is important bu5 i have no idea, the main purpose of the tv will be for ps4 gaming and general movie/tv use so i would like it to be 4k atleast, i would like to find the best tv for my price range, but with little knowledge i would like some advice/suggestions if you would be so kind.

Thanks in advance
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AL08107919th Jan

Heard this one is good for PS4 …Heard this one is good for PS4

That's a very budget none 4K tv
The display side of things for HDR is pretty expensive at the moment so even if it'll accept HDR10 content (or HLG, Dolby Vision or other HDR format) any TV in that budget won't actually show much increase in dynamic range.

There have been a couple of deals for the Sony XE90 at £850 lately, which is the one to go for if you want to jump onto the bottom rung of the HDR ladder now instead of waiting for your next TV (where HDR will be much more developed).
AL08107919 h, 22 m ago

Heard this one is good for PS4 …Heard this one is good for PS4

They're quite a good choice generally as normal TV will often look better (particularly SD channels) than on a 4K model. At that price though you're better off buying the WE75 which can be had for £500 and adds a wide colour gamut to benefit HDR content.
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