After Two 19" LCD TVs Cheapest Possible

    Hi, I'm after two 19" LCD TVs for my little brother & sister for Christmas presents
    I would prefer 19" but 15" plus would be fine, I don't mind if they are freeview or HD as they will only be used to watch DVDs, new or refurbished would be fine.
    Rep will be given for help

    Thank you!


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    ]Here £103 or ]Here £111 with built in dvd player.

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    ]Here £103 or ]Here £111 with built in dvd player.

    Thanks, the one with the DVD player would be perfect! thanks
    Why didn't I look in Argos haha :roll:

    Argos should have the voucher offer back on on Saturday, so buy each one in a transaction and get 2 vouchers back.
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