After Winning a Competition

    Anyone else finding if you are lucky enough to win a competition, the joy is spoiled by a month of fretting awaiting its arrival then having to chase it up as they haven't stuck to their despatched within 28 days promise. Why can't they just send it as soon as they tell you ? I know a lot are despatched by companies that just deal with prizes, but still its frustrating.


    Hi sweetpete,
    I won a competition last year winning signed goodies by a singer. They never arrived, They said they sent it but as it was signed goodies they obvs couldn't replace them. So annoying.!Also I won a signed book by the same artist. Guess what? same thing happened. I've just won another one and been waiting a month. Contacted them and was told it will take three months. I could walk to pick it up quicker than that. Anyway rant over. I feel your frustration! It seems so simple, you win, they send out the prizes, you receive them..... simples!

    Unfortunately they have zero incentive to send, unless its a big win and they can count on press coverage then there is no negative for them. You never know the winner might forget or disappear into the vapor.
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